Instrument Meteorological Conditions Rating / IMC Rating

The Instrument Meteorological Conditions Rating or IMC Rating,
allows Private Pilot License (PPL) holders to fly in a wider range of weather
conditions including lower visibility and cloud conditions than is allowed with
a PPL. It is only valid for flight in the UK territorial airspace.

Minimum requirements to
obtain an IMC Rating are:

  • Hold a Valid Private Pilot License
  • Hold at least a Class 2 medical certificate from an Aviation Medical Examiner
  • At least 25 hours of flight time following the issue of a PPL, which may include the IMC rating training
  • Pass 1 theoretical exam
  • Accumulate and log a specified amount of training and experience under CAA Standards Document 25
  • Pass a skill test administered by a CAA approved examiner. This includes a flight test and oral exam

While the minimum required time for the Instrument Meteorological
Conditions Rating or IMC Rating is 15 Hours, applicants may require additional
flight training to achieve course completion and test standards.

Course Duration: It is a self-paced
course. Usually 1 to 2 Weeks*

* Subject to flying weather availability, individual student aptitude, frequency of flying.

If you would like additional information on course price and relevant details, please contact us.

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