Co-Pilot Course

This course is designed to simply enjoy flying without the need
to pass theoretical exams or skill test. This will give you the skills to
comfortably and safely fly and land the aircraft and experience the joy of

  • With this course, you will be
    able to hire an aircraft with an instructor and simply enjoy flying the
  • In a light aircraft, as a
    passenger, in an emergency, you will be able to help assist the pilot or even
    in the extremely unlikely event of pilot incapacitation, take controls and land
    the aircraft safely!
  • The flight time in this course
    will count toward the minimum flight time requirements for Private Pilot License
    (PPL) should you decide to acquire a PPL

Minimum requirements to enrol
in this course are:

  • Be at least 14 years of age
  • Physically and mentally fit
  • Enjoy flying

following are Not Required for this course:

  • No need for an Aviation Medical Certificate
  • No Theoretical Examinations
  • No Radio Telephone License
  • No Skill Test
  • No upper age limit

Course Duration: It is a self-paced

* Subject to flying weather availability, individual student aptitude, frequency of flying.

If you would like additional information on course price and relevant details, please contact us

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